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about us

360 Electric is a family owned and operated electrical company that puts its customer's peace of mind as its top priority. With 18+ years of experience in residential electrical service, we know a thing or two about getting your electrical system running smoothly.


Frequently asked questions

  • What is a Service Call? How Much Will It Cost to Come Out?
    At 360 Electric, we provide you with over 18+ years of experience, a licensed, insured and bonded company and a master electrician with a fully stocked van to come out to your location. For all of this, we have a $59 service call to come out and provide you options for your electrical needs.
  • What is the Process Like?
    At 360 Electric, we understand that working with a contractor can often be frustrating. We want to make sure that working with us is a load off your mind—that's why we've broken down the process into 3 parts. BOOKING: Give us a call and find a time that works best for you! In order to get a licensed Master Electrician with a fully stocked van out to your household, a service call of $59 will be applied to get us out to your location. THE WORK: After talking with you and identifying your needs, we will create an estimate for your project. Upon presenting the proposal, we will talk it through with you to make sure all details are uncovered and you feel comfortable with the work that will be completed. If you choose to move forward with the work we guarantee that we will not exceed to project scope unless a prior documented conversation (with your approval) has happened during the discovery process. If you choose not to move forward with the work, that's okay too. You will only need to pay the $59 service call. We just want you to be comfortable with your decision with your hard earned dollars. WORK COMPLETION: Depending on the scope of work, we may invoice up front to cover the cost of parts or materials (this will also be covered during the proposal.) If there are permits or additional services that are warranted for your project, we will notify you of when certain payment milestones are due. Upon completion of the final work, your final payment will be due.
  • Why Don't You Give Out Quotes Over the Phone?
    Every home and situation is different. Without inspection of the materials and electrical system it is hard to give an accurate estimate that will result in a satisfactory outcome.
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